★ conscious roots & dub music ★

Kaya Roots Band

★ conscious roots & dub music ★

Kaya Roots Band is a 5-piece backing band for reggae, dub and dancehall artists, currently on tour with I Jahson (Zimbabwe). The Vienna based formation combines elements of reggae, ragga, roots and dub music to transform it into their unique style of doing riddims in 21st century.

Dub, roots, rockers, ragga, dancehall and other subgenres of reggae music are merged into an instant sparkle of decent power. The stylistic concept of the band includes a variety of attributes from all directions of Jamaican music.

Different music clashes like mixing Asian Dub influences with Ragga or Roots with African riddims and chants have become Kaya Roots' trademark. They have dedicated themselves to bringing the varied and beautiful spectrum of reggae music onto the stage.

Formed by experienced reggae artists in 2019, Kaya Roots Band has already attracted attention as an opener for some of their idols and musical influencers, like Lee "Scratch” Perry, Israel Vibration & Roots Radics, Anthony B, Skatalites and Stranger Cole.

Since the very beginning they have been working with great voices. I Jahson (Richvibes Records / Highrise Empire) from T.K. Trenance, a legendary part of the second biggest city of Zimbabwe, performs his songs with unique passion and power. Vienna's Dub pioneer and living legend Sugar B (G-Spot / Dub Club) has been working with them from the very first days.

Kaya Roots Band already worked with: 3gga, C-Black, Fj Energy, Governor Tafari Tiggy, I Jahson, King Labash, Mortis Chandu, Ösi Bua, Sugar B

I Jahson

I Jahson aka Edwin Crewe was born in T.K.Trenance, a legendary part of the second biggest city of Zimbabwe, called Bulawayo. This place is also known as the city of kings, where King Mzilikazi came from.

I Jahson grew up surrounded by music from different genres and styles. Early he found his path to his source of life (music) and especially his love for singing, when he started to chant in choirs, and to sing in the church St. Thomas in T.K.Trenance (Skies).

His first recording was for a coca cola advertisement for Zambia. After a visit in 1993 in Austria/Europe, he finally moved to Vienna in 1995. Musically he started to collaborate with Jahpremacy in Eisenstadt and up to now he has performed on many stages and places, singing alongside Ras & Roots, Rikitik, House Of Riddim, Black Dilllinger, Chuck Fenda and many more.

His debut single "Source Of Life" is a testament to the birth of a new great reggae voice. Reminiscent of the great Bob Marley, I Jahson performs this song with a unique passion, that shall become his trademark. "Source Of Life" was released in 2010 by Richvibes Records, and followed by the single "Iraq", an unique appeal to end the war and to bring home all remaining troops still fighting in Iraq.

I Jahson's collaboration with Richvibes Records goes ahead with his third single "Yard", and his first album "Guidance" which was released in 2014. In 2018 he inked a record deal with the jamaican record label "Highrise Empire". Since that he released two singles called "TK”, which is about his hometown, and "Good Over Evil".

I Jahson got inspired by Black Uhuru, Bob Marley, Israel Vibration, Misty in Roots and many more.

He is blessed with four children.